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Hi and welcome to Wholistic Living! We’re Jess and Marisa and we’d love to be your natural health guides.

Just a few months ago we were oblivious to the dangerous chemicals lurking in every product we used in our home. We thought buying ‘organic’ and using products that were labelled ‘natural’ meant they were not causing us harm.

How wrong we were – this is called ‘greenwashing’, but we’ll get onto that in a moment…

As a dietician, Jess has always prioritised making healthy and nutritious food choices and ensured we ate more organic food! So were happy using body and face wash with labels such as ‘natural ‘and ‘organic’… We felt good about the choices we were making.

After checking  out the ingredients though, we were horrified! Products we had been using for many years contained some nasty stuff!

And because our skin is our biggest organ, it’s pretty effective at absorbing this stuff and getting directly into our bloodstream and cells. We might as well be eating these chemicals!

But you wouldn’t eat them, would you?

So why is it ok to put them on our skin and breathe them in?

There are many reasons that companies lie to us about what’s in their products: labelling laws are in their favour, they want to make profits and like smoking they’re waiting for public opinion to turn against them before they change their behaviour.

There’s never been a more critical time…

We are at a point where we must start making some changes for our health.

Times are changing and if we don’t start paying close attention to the toxins all around us, our health will inevitably deteriorate.

Diet and exercise used to keep us healthy, but now…it’s just not enough.

We MUST focus on living more naturally and understanding how toxins play a role. Our health and emotional well-being actually depend on it.

We are busier than ever and everything seems to cost more these days…

But when given the right support and resources, we can actually save time and money and living a natural lifestyle just becomes simple and second nature. We must regain the ancient wisdom we have lost and we do that through community.

We felt this way too. 

We wanted to swap our products over to clean and natural alternatives, free from synthetic chemicals and toxins.

To be honest, knowing how to do this wasn’t easy. Trying to read the ingredient labels was hard work – we had to google almost every ingredient to find out what it actually meant.

And finding products without chemicals on the shelves of shops is impossible…

If you don’t want to use harmful kitchen spray anymore, it’s very hard to find an alternative.

That’s why we now use a one-stop-shop for 100% natural household cleaners, personal products, cosmetics…

But first it’s important you look at your own products and realise the impact on your and your families life…

We thought about our lives, and considered how many colds we had each year, how often we had low-grade headaches for no real reason or slept badly. We considered our allergies, dry skin, breakouts, hormone imbalances and how often we needed to buy over the counter medication for these conditions.

What if all this was due to the products we were choosing to use?

Constant low level exposure to harmful chemicals that may cause cancer, asthma and allergies, and that disrupt your hormones CANNOT BE GOOD FOR YOU.

Imagine if we could make different choices. Imagine if we could improve our general wellness, immunity and condition of our skin and reduce our allergies and susceptibility to common viruses like colds…

Imagine having more vitality, energy, better sleep and general improved health…

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve done and now we love sharing this information with others like you and helping you on your journey to a toxin-free lifestyle.

For us, making this decision to take a few simple steps towards a non-toxic lifestyle was VERY easy and felt like a no-brainer.

We also feel better using our clean and natural products around our beautiful pup Ziggy…


The Benefits of De-Toxing Your Home with Essential Oils

Since committing to a lifestyle change that involved a complete detox of our home, we have noticed some incredible changes to our health:

  • Increased energy
  • Amazing restful sleep
  • Hardly any colds
  • Better skin condition
  • Changes in hormonal related symptoms
  • More resilience in dealing with stress
  • Less anxiety

»We no longer buy any over-the-counter medications from the pharmacy, as they only mask the symptoms…

»We only clean with 100% natural products – we can literally eat them!

»Our home is beautiful and clean, smells amazing and most importantly is a completely safe environment…

»Everything we put on our skin now is so natural we can also eat it. After all, it all gets into your bloodstream eventually so anything you put on yourself should be safe enough to eat!

Our Mission Statement

We are on a mission to bring natural essential oils and essential oil infused products into every home so that you can also experience the amazing benefits of natural health.


Why You Should Switch to Natural Products infused with Essential Oils

Are you worried that natural products can’t achieve the same results as synthetic chemicals? – does it really clean? Will it really help combat my wrinkles? 

The simple answer is YES.

You see, the key ingredient in our products are essential oils. This is the magical and little-known secret ingredient.

These powerful plant extracts are 100% natural and have powerful properties that we can harness to obtain the benefits – without poisoning ourselves!

Just like humans have done for thousands of years, we are simply harnessing the power of plants and botanicals.

We embraced essential oils for our family’s health

How to get started…

The premium Starter Kit is the easiest and most convenient way to begin exploring the natural compounds that you can use to begin cleaning your home and nourishing your body. You’ll also get the ability to learn from us how to:

  • Use the natural powerful properties of essential oils to make your own completely natural skincare, lifestyle and household products tailored to your specific needs.
  • Use essential oil based products to replace the hundreds of chemicals you currently use
  • Get better sleep for the whole family
  • Save money AND save your health
  • Reduce your impact on the environment
  • Declutter your home

Imagine… if you knew what steps to take to help everyone get a fabulous night’s sleep, have wonderful energy throughout the day, and be kind and happy in the process! Having the best support on this journey that normally would cost you a fortune!

We teach you everything… at your own pace!

What You’ll Get:

  • Premium Starter Kit with 12 oils and diffuser (valued at £265)
  • Your free Pocket on the Go app as a gift from us (Valued at £8)
  • Our Starter Guide and Recipe Book
  • Private access to our online community chat group – ask questions whenever you need, our community is active and super helpful
  • Free workshops and tutorials for members only led by nutritionists, wholistic health practitioners, natural food bloggers, dieticians, dermatologists and more….
  • Access to our member only essential oils resource guide app
  • Free consultation with our nutritionist to plan your wellness strategy

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