About Me

Hi, I’m Jess, I have Polycystic ovaries (a condition where your ovaries produce unbalanced hormones) and have been suffering the symptoms of this my whole adult life. Irregular cycles, tiredness/insomina, lack of energy, getting hangry all the time but I had reached a point where I didn’t want to take artificial hormones anymore and had resigned myself there was nothing more I could do about it.

And then something changed…

A friend told me about the toxins in our everyday products that cause us all kinds of heath problems. This really sucked me and so I did a bit more research and I was horrified! 

Yikes! Products I had been using for many years contained some nasty stuff! The chemicals that worried me the most personally were the hormone disruptors (chemicals that mess up your hormone levels) because of my Polycystic ovaries –  my hormones and cycles have always been very unbalanced.

And because our skin is our biggest organ, it’s pretty effective at absorbing these toxins and getting directly into our bloodstream and cells. 

You wouldn’t eat TOXINS so why is it okay to put them on our skin and breathe them in?

There are many reasons that companies lie to us about what’s in their products: labelling laws are in their favour, they want to make profits and like smoking they’re waiting for public opinion to turn against them before they change their behaviour.

This means that even products that say they are ‘natural’ more often than not still contain several harmful chemicals!! They are marketed to be ‘clean’ but actually aren’t! aka ‘greenwashing’.

There’s never been a more critical time…

So I knew I needed to start making some changes for the sake of my health.

Times are changing and I knew that if I didn’t start paying close attention to the toxins all around us, my health would suffer!

Diet and exercise alone used to keep us healthy, but now…it’s just not enough.

I decided to focus on living more naturally and understanding how toxins play a role. 

Change always seems like a challenge because we are all busier than ever and everything seems to cost more these days…

But when I found the right support and resources, I actually saved time and money…and living a natural lifestyle just becomes simple and second nature.

The results I saw after just 2 months of more natural products (we can never remove 100% but we can only aim to remove the majority) were absolutely astounding – I was suddenly having regular cycles for the first time in my life! And I felt better and had more energy as well! I actually didn’t tell anyone about it until a couple of months later because I couldn’t believe it myself. I thought it was a fluke and my cycles would get worse again. But they didn’t! After 6 months has passed and my cycles has regulated and my hormone levels were balanced (no more being hangry, no more swings in mood) I finally felt it was confirmed. This new lifestyle had done wonders for my hormone levels! And I started telling people about it. Now it’s been a year and a half and I’m still going strong!

I have now helped many other women to do the same- some for hormone improvement and some for all sorts of other things- energy levels, allergies, problems sleeping -you name it!

I’d love to help you improve your health too!

So how did I actually go about changing my household products? 

I wanted to swap my products over to clean and natural alternatives, free from synthetic chemicals and toxins.

To be honest, knowing how to do this wasn’t easy. Trying to read the ingredient labels was hard work – I had to Google almost every ingredient in the beginning to find out what it actually meant.

And finding products without chemicals on the shelves of shops is near impossible…because of the greenwashing I mentioned earlier!

And that’s when I found a one-stop-shop for 100% natural household cleaners, personal care products, cosmetics, supplements… in fact, almost all my products I need!And this shop rewards you with generous customer loyalty discounts, gifts and points to spend on what you choose!

So I just started with a couple of products at a time, every month I would pick a few things to replace, switch them over and in a few months, I was flying!

Do I Need To Switch all my products?

It’s important you look at your own products and realise the impact on your and your families life…

I don’t believe in unrealistic goals or trying to be ‘perfect’, life is meant to be lived and we can live a much happier, healthier life with less chemicals in our lives. Part of my philosophy is the 80;:20 rule – aim for 80% completely clean products. If there are a couple of things you feel you need or love too much, at least you have DRASTICALLY reduced your exposure. I would advise starting with the products that you put on your skin and that you breathe in (air freshers/spray cleaning products).

For me, making this decision to take a few simple steps towards a non-toxic lifestyle was VERY easy and felt like a no-brainer.

I also feel better using my clean and natural products around my beautiful pup Ziggy…

Feel free to grab my Natural Solutions recipe book below and/or watch my pre-recorded webinar to learn more!

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