How to boost your immune system naturally

We are all worried about our immune systems right now…and nutrition is a powerful (and enjoyable) way of supporting the body to be as strong as it can be. There are a lot of claims about foods that boost immunity online, but not all of them are backed up by studies.

These 5 food s are supported by evidence to significantly boost your immune system:

  1. Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil contains amazing bioactives that support your immune system such as oleocanthal, oleic acid and hydroxytyrosol. By substituting other oils or fats in your diet with olive oil, you can increase the amount of T-cells your body produces. T cells are like the soldiers of the immune system. An additional benefit of olive oil is that it reduces inflammation in the body. 

Aim to use olive oil instead of butter and other oils.

  1. White button mushrooms

Button mushrooms contain a special type of fibre which feeds healthy bacteria in your gut. The micro biome then stimulates the immune system to kick into gear and more antibodies are made.

Aim for 100g per day.

  1. Broccoli sprouts

Broccoli is high in the bioactives sulphoraphanes, but in it’s sprouting form, the amount of sulphoraphanes are 100 fold! Eating these regularly could significantly increase your Natural Killer T cells, which kill off any invaders.

Aim for 50-60g per day.

  1. Cranberry juice

Drinking Cranberry juice regularly has been shown to increase gamma delta t-cells, a specific type of immune cell that are first on the scene for any invaders that try to gain entry through the mucous membranes (your nose and mouth). We all touch our faces too much throughput the day and if you haven’t just washed your hands, you could unwittingly transfer germs to your nose or mouth.

Drinking cranberry juice also increase the signal sent to your immune system to rally the troops, helping further in mounting a good response to any invaders.

Aim for 400ml per day

  1. Chilli

The key bioactive in chilli is Capsaicin which activates the immune systems and increases white blood cells and the B cells that produce antibodies. 

Aim for 1/5 of a chilli per person to get a good dose. Or more if you can handle it!


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