How to Restore Your Skin Microbiome

A simple explanation of the skin microbiome 

Your skin has millions of bacteria on it. In fact, you have 100,000 per square centimetre! This is called your microbiome.

Don’t worry – it’s meant to be like that! Everyone’s skin bacteria are unique. 

The type of soap you use, your laundry powder, the fabric you wear and other things you put on your skin all change the makeup of your micro biome, in the same way that what you eat affects your gut micro biome. 

But your microbiome is an important, natural and healthy thing…

A big problem is that advertisements try to convince us otherwise… the aim of washing our hands and bodies is not to ‘sanitise ourselves’ but rather to clean off excess dirt and oil, and reduce harmful microbes. 

5 Reasons Why Bacteria and your Microbiome matter?

Your skin bacteria play an important role in your health:

  1. Your skin microbiome communicates with your immune system 
  2. Dermatologists are also starting to make links between people with eczema and dermatitis and missing certain beneficial bacteria that prevent our skin reacting in this way. 
  3. A healthy microbiome also produces substances that stop overgrowth of harmful bacteria.
  4. A healthy microbiome speeds up wound healing

So Here’s What Your Microbiome Actually Does When It’s Healthy

  1. Keeps the balance between immune response and inflammation
  2. Protects against environmental factors by limiting exposure to allergens, assisting wound healing and minimimising oxidative damage
  3. Communicates with our skin immune system to initiate an immune response when needed
  4. Protects against infection

How We Are Destroying Our Microbiome

Excess use of chemicals and antibacterial soaps upsets the balance of the skin microbiome. 

Research is beginning to show how this is linked to psoriasis, allergies, eczema, contact dermatitis, acne, poor wound healing skin ulcers, dandruff yeast and fungal infections and early skin ageing.

There is also an interesting link with the gut bacteria. It’s called the skin gut axis. Anything that damages your gut bacteria, also affects your skin.

How to restore your skin microbiome:

  1. Look after your gut health – eat a range of brightly coloured vegetables and fruit and supplement your diet with a good quality probiotic
  2. Exercise regularly – increased blood flow to your skin and your own sweat keep your skin microbiome healthy
  3. Use only toxin and chemical free soaps and moisturisers, which preserve our natural oils and peptides for skin microbiota to feed on
  4. Use natural, mineral based makeup
  5. Use natural, 100% pure and therapeutic quality essential oils instead of pharmaceuticals for everyday skin issues such as inflammation, wound healing and anti-ageing. 
  6. Wear natural fabrics most of the time

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