Many of us struggle with anxiety, and finding support or help can feel difficult. Finding a natural remedy for anxiety also means you can support your wellness naturally rather than struggling with medication that can have side effects.

Remember, anxiety can have a big impact – if it’s affecting your daily activities then be sure to speak to a professional. This natural remedy for anxiety can support your anxiety but don’t avoid speaking with a professional.

Using a natural remedy for anxiety in a Daily routine

In this blog post I wanted to share my friend Erin’s story because she has created a daily routine (including a secret ingredient) which is her own natural remedy for anxiety.

Using essential oils in her daily routine has literally changed her life.

Anxiety can be an extremely debilitating condition. Not only causing stress and difficulty coping, but actually affecting the body physically.

This physical effect can often present as stomach pains or other stomach issues such as upset stomach, diarrhoea, constipation or loss of appetite.

Many people are unaware that there is a natural remedy to supporting your body with these things every day and I hope by sharing Erin’s story that you will be able to learn from how she changed her life and how you too can massively improve the quality of your everyday life or to help someone you know to do that.

Erin’s story – How she discovered HER NATURAL REMEDY

Erin struggled with anxiety from a young age where she would get incredibly stressed out in certain situations, she described a gymnastics camp she went on as a kid and refused to eat for days because of how stressed she was.

Things continued this way into High School, although as she matured, she found different ways of dealing with her anxiety, but after losing a family member and a close friend, the grief she was experiencing pushed her over the edge and she began having panic attacks.

She described the attacks as coming out of nowhere, where she felt her heart racing, her breathing was racing, her was heart racing, and her mind was racing. The worst attack she descried happened with friends one day where she actually felt like she was going to die. 

She also started having stomach issues and was in and out of hospital, with her doctors unable to find anything wrong with her. She eventually realised that her stomach symptoms were actually stress and chronic anxiety related.

Then a friend introduced to her essential oils for supporting sleep, and although she was very sceptical at first about whether they would work, they helped her, her husband and her daughter to sleep better. And that’s when she started doing more research about how essential oils actually work.

There is still a lot that science doesn’t understand about essential oils but there are two mechanisms by which essential oils work. One is that each oil has its own unique frequency.

A frequency is a bit like the ‘vibration’ of something, and all organic things have a frequency. So, you can use the frequency of oils to change how you feel, for example, some oils have a calming, grounding frequency, some have a stimulating, energising frequency and many more.

The other way essential oils work is by stimulating the limbic system in the brain. When you smell and oil, the olfactory nerve sends a message to the limbic system which is the part of your brain that deals with memory and emotions, where the oil has its effect on how you feel.

But how exactly do I use these oils you might be asking yourself?

Even if you’ve never used essential oils before, it is incredibly easy to set your routine of incorporating them into your everyday routine. Below is Erin’s daily essential oils ritual, which has changed her life:


Apply Joy essential oil to heart to set intentions and gratitude for the day

Throughout the day:

Apply the Keep Calm roller every couple of hours or as needed:

Keep calm Roller ball Recipe:

10 drops Young living Frankincense

10 drops Young Living Lavender

10 drops Young Living Bergamot

10 drops Young Living Patchouli

10 drops Young living Orange

Top up the roller ball bottle with coconut or V6 oil, shake gently to mix.

Before any stressful or big event

Valor roll on

At night

Tranquil roller on the bottoms of your feet, focusing on the big toe

White Angelica on shoulder and behind ears

If you’d like to give Erin’s routine a try, click here for 25% off all the above oils.

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